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Please contact us if you have a child that's interested in participating, or if you have a league or team looking to join Northeast Ohio Youth Baseball League.

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Our Mission

Neobaseball, Ltd. is a limited liability company whose mission is to promote, develop, supervise and assist in all lawful ways, the interest of our local associations and participants. Through the organized sport of youth baseball, we will strive to instill in the children of the region the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, and a sense of teamwork so that they may be strong, healthy, well-adjusted members of the community. 


·         To devote time and efforts to the youths of this baseball organization.  

·         To promote, protect, and sponsor amateur baseball for our youth players.  

·         To benefit all players who desire to participate, regardless of race, creed or ability.  

·         To build character, citizenship, and the spirit of cooperation among its teams and players.  

·         To encourage good sportsmanship, fellowship, fair play, loyalty, and reverence both on and off the playing field.  

·         To stress in all functions and levels of NeoBaseball league play that teaching fundamentals of the game is of prime importance. 

·         To supervise and conduct all local league play so all who desire & qualify to participate shall be governed the same, as prescribed in the rules and regulations that govern all league play. 


Neobaseball President, Corey Myrla, has been involved with youth sports operation regionally since 2009.   His involvement originated through coaching baseball and softball locally, which progressed in involvement with a local area as a softball commissioner, baseball commissioner, and then president over a several year period.  Additionally,  he has volunteered as an Executive Board Member over the years with several of our areas youth Baseball, Softball and Football leagues.     

Most of the communities within Neobaseball originated from from Hot Stove and/or Sandlot.  Neobaseball was created to offer a structured, consistent and organized alternative to previous leagues , and a place where local representatives would have the opportunity to govern rules through majority approval. 


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Any interested local organization and/or team may apply for membership to participate in NeoBaseball.  Acceptance will be based on proximity in relation to current areas & baseball teams,  organization structure, previous actions, etc.

Local baseball associations and/or teams found to be acting in a manner that is deemed  inconsistent with the aims, purposes, and/or rules of NeoBaseball,  shall be subject to corrective actions which may include warnings, probation with various constraints and limits, and/or removal/termination of the local organization and/or team.

Our current areas include AllianceBrimfield, Crestwood, Edinburg, Garrettsville, Jackson-Milton, Kent, Lake, Louisville, Mogadore, Newton Falls, RavennaRootstown, Sebring-West Branch, Southeast, Springfield, Streetsboro, Suffield, Waterloo, Western Reserve, Windham.

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