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Local Area Contacts

Local Youth Baseball & Softball Association Contact List

Below are the Neobaseball, Ltd. local youth baseball & softball association contacts.  The Neo representative contacts below handle the youth baseball registrations and concerns for their respective areas.  Please contact Neobaseball directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding our Northeast Ohio youth baseball league related items (like league rules, games, tournaments, etc.) 

Alliance Hot Stove Brian Burse


Phone: 330-309-3797

Alliance Hot Stove Jason Nutter

Umpire Schedule

Phone: 330-257-0935

Brimfield Youth Baseball & Softball Steve Berry

Baseball Commissioner

Phone: 330-696-2556

Brimfield Youth Baseball & Softball Paul Stoicoiu


Phone: 330-221-4262

Brimfield Youth Baseball & Softball Ben Brugler

Softball Commissioner

Crestwood Softball & Baseball Jim Pipes


Phone: 330-696-0316

Crestwood Softball & Baseball Jeremy Hayes

Softball Commissioner

Phone: 330-493-0960

Edinburg Youth Baseball & Softball Mat Hartung


Phone: 330-389-0655

Edinburg Youth Baseball & Softball Ryan Shankle


Phone: 330-491-7552

Edinburg Youth Baseball & Softball Aaron Pettigrew

Softball Commissioner

Phone: 330-221-1895

Garrettsville Baseball Association, Inc. Matt Kissell


Phone: 216-702-8991

Garrettsville Girls Softball Jeremy Lawless

Softball Commissioner

Phone: 330-388-6866

Garrettsville Girls Softball Lisa Masters


Phone: 216-322-8186

Jackson-Milton Youth Baseball & Softball Ashley Hallas

Baseball Commissioner

Phone: 330-727-4012

Jackson-Milton Youth Baseball & Softball Nick Dean

Softball Commissioner

Phone: 330-221-1622

Jackson-Milton Youth Baseball & Softball Dan Fishtorn


Phone: 330-779-1010

Kent Parks & Rec Garyn Daniels

Phone: 330-673-8897 330-554-4562

Lake Youth Baseball Andrew Wickham

President (2022)

Phone: 330-858-7561

Lake Youth Baseball Justin Banar

7U Commissioner

Phone: 330-701-0489

Lake Christian Shane Byler

Athletic Director

Phone: 330-354-0852

Mogadore Youth Baseball & Softball Justin Fournier

Baseball Commissioner

Phone: 330-815-4506

Mogadore Youth Baseball & Softball Julie Walker

Softball Commissioner

Phone: 330-814-3321

Mogadore Youth Baseball & Softball Stacey Childers


Phone: 330-903-2431

Newton Falls Youth Baseball & Softball Aaron Spahlinger

Baseball Commissioner

Phone: 330-442-2835

Newton Falls Youth Baseball & Softball Chad Jones


Phone: 330-323-3672

Palmyra Girls Softball Nick Lam

Phone: 330-428-2717

Palmyra Girls Softball Kelly Harvey

Phone: 330-351-1802

Ravenna Hot Stove (Baseball) Veronica Hausch


Phone: 330-571-2636

Ravenna Hot Stove Mindy Rhodes


Ravenna Hot Stove Ralph Townend


Phone: 330-221-4708

Ravenna Park & Rec (Softball) Jacob Spina

Program Coordinator

Ravenna Park & Rec (Softball) Judy Watkins


Rootstown Youth Baseball & Softball Andy Day


Phone: 330-687-5738

Rootstown Youth Baseball & Softball Marty Reynolds

Softball Commissioner

Rootstown Youth Baseball & Softball Joe Brown

Baseball Commissioner

Rootstown Youth Baseball & Softball Todd Kortright


Phone: 623-256-7949

Sebring West Branch Pete Raga


Phone: 330-446-0166

Sebring West Branch Dan Hinerman


Phone: 330-391-2168

Southeast Youth Baseball & Softball Zach Sallaz


Phone: 330-431-45557

Southeast Youth Baseball & Softball Marisol Sallaz

Phone: 619-931-4465

Southeast Youth Baseball & Softball Ben Crissman

Boys Commissioner

Phone: 330-808-8717

Southeast Youth Baseball & Softball Becky Shreffler

Softball Commissioner

Phone: 330-603-0489

Southington Youth Baseball & Softball Roger Pack


Phone: 330-647-4325

Southington Youth Baseball & Softball Diane Hilted

Softball Commissioner

Phone: 330-469-1682

Springfield Youth Baseball Joe Dilauro


Phone: 330-620-9597

Streetsboro Youth Baseball Jimmy Lovejoy


Phone: 330-842-3598

Streetsboro Youth Baseball Jake Wert


Phone: 330-256-8321

Suffield Youth Baseball & Softball Kurt Kreiner


Phone: 330-554-4747

Suffield Youth Baseball & Softball Ryan Yaworski

Baseball Commissioner

Phone: 330-283-3415

Suffield Youth Baseball & Softball Ashleigh Alexander

Softball Commissioner

Phone: 330-322-3692

Waterloo Youth Baseball & Softball Association Jeff Feciuch

Baseball Commissioner

Phone: 330-697-1644

Waterloo Youth Baseball & Softball Association Joe Capan

Softball Commissioner

Phone: 330-573-4840

Waterloo Youth Baseball & Softball Association Bobby Braybon

Baseball Commissioner

Phone: 330-715-6938

Waterloo Youth Baseball & Softball Association Leah Campailla

Softball Commissioner

Phone: 330-612-3990

Western Reserve Jason Marjirsky


Phone: 330-360-6870

Western Reserve Eddie Morales

Baseball Commissioner

Phone: 330-360-7951

Western Reserve Craig Bletso

Softball Commissioner

Phone: 330-402-6538

Windham Travis Hammands


Phone: 234-243-1761

Windham Zach Burns


Phone: 330-647-8643