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2022 Schedule of Events

Printable Schedule of Events which has all the meetings, events, and deadlines for the entire season.

Target Game Days

Managers can choose their game days, but for the most part we try to stick with the following days to coordinate scheduling:

  • CP1: Mondays/Thursdays
  • CP2: Tuesdays/Fridays
  • Farm: Wednesdays/Saturdays
  • 9U: Mondays/Thursdays
  • 10U: Tuesdays/Fridays
  • 11U: Mondays/Thursdays
  • 12U: Tuesdays/Fridays
  • 13/14U: Wednesdays/Saturdays

For weekday games, would usually suggest 6pm starts (or 6:15 at the latest) early in the season, and 6:15-6:30 starts later in the season once daylight extends a bit. 

Saturday games are usually 10 or 12…but up to the managers/areas.


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