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BASEBALL: Schedule of Events for the year

Printable Schedule of Events which has all the meetings, events, and deadlines for the entire season.

Target Game Days for Baseball (Spring/Regular Season)

Managers can choose their game days, but for the most part we try to stick with the following days to coordinate scheduling:

  • CP1: Mondays/Thursdays
  • CP2: Tuesdays/Fridays
  • Farm: Wednesdays/Saturdays
  • 9U: Mondays/Thursdays
  • 10U: Tuesdays/Fridays
  • 11U: Mondays/Thursdays
  • 12U: Tuesdays/Fridays
  • 13/14U: Wednesdays/Saturdays

For weekday games, would usually suggest 6pm starts (or 6:15 at the latest) early in the season, and 6:15-6:30 starts later in the season once daylight extends a bit. 

Saturday games are usually 10am or 12pm, but actual game time is  up to the managers and/or local areas.


Target Game Days for Softball (Spring/Regular Season)

Please visit SOFTBALL: Schedule of Events for the year for Softball's target game days.


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