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Neobaseball FALL BALL Supplemental Rules

The Neobaseball  FALL BALL Rules are the additional rules and guidelines specific to the summer/fall season (they are enforced in addition to the current Neobaseball Rules for Spring).

Neobaseball Rec League Rules

The Neobaseball Rec Rules are the general rules and guidelines for all the youth baseball leagues, but specifically regular/spring season 9U to 14U age divisions in Northeast Ohio (There are supplemental rules for Tee-ball, Coach-Pitch, Farm, and Fall Ball).    NOTE: Select/Travel players are not permitted to participate in the Rec division.


Neobaseball SELECT Rules (Travel)

The Neobaseball  SELECT Division Rules are the general rules and guidelines for the 8U to 14 youth travel baseball leagues during the regular/spring season.  NOTE: Neobaseball Rec players are not permitted to participate in Select/Travel.


2018 MLB Official Rules

Major League Baseball 2018 Official Rules A printable version of the 2018 Official Rules is now available!

2022 MLB Official Rules

Link to the 2022 MLB Official Rules.

Tee-ball and Coach-Pitch Field Layout Diagrams

This diagram is for coach-pitch only (the 30' base hash marks are used in coach-pitch but NOT 8u).

CP Field Layout Details

60' bases

30' hash mark between 1st & 2nd, 2nd & 3rd, 3rd & home

8' radius circle placed 35' from home (with hash mark drawn or pitching rubber placed at 30')

Batter's boxes should be 6" off the plate (see diagram)

"Foul lines" should be entirely in fair territory (foul lines should essentially run over the outside edge of 1st & 3rd base, not next to them)

12' arch from home plate (light/soft hit foul ball line drawn in the field of play that extends from 1st base foul ball line to 3rd base foul ball line) - added prior to 2023 season

Tee-Ball Field Layout Details

60' bases

8' radius circle placed 35' from home (with hash mark drawn or pitching rubber placed at 30')

8' radius arch drawn off home plate (to mark the short hit "foul" territory)

NOTE: Tee-ball does NOT require 30' hash mark between bases like in coach-pitch


The specifics of Player Eligibility is addressed in the recreational baseball league rules above.  As addressed under "Residency/School Rule", no more than one player shall be from another school system and/or community (local association).   

To clarify, all rec players must at least either attend the school or live within the township that the team's local association represents (this is NOT a Select division requirement).

For situations where there is an out-of-area player, a Player Release is required, which is posted below.   The release/acknowledgment should authorized by both community representatives and then submitted to Neobaseball  - no later than the roster turn-in date.  

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